Features of FUDO architectural design

By accumulating dialogue one by one,
we design the optimal environment that suits your lifestyle.

  • 1. Creating the most suitable architecture for the area

    【FUDO建築設計の特徴】1.その土地に合わせた最適な建築づくり | 神奈川県鎌倉市の建築設計事務所FUDO | Photo by 笹の倉舎

    Land is not always in the right shape. Even on modified sites, we take advantage of the shape of the land and surrounding environment to design architecture that brings out the best aspects of the site to its fullest.

  • 2.Indoor and outdoor environments where you can feel nature every day

    【FUDO建築設計の特徴】2.自然を日々感じられる室内外環境 | 神奈川県鎌倉市の建築設計事務所FUDO | Photo by 笹の倉舎

    We observe the surrounding environment, consider window placement and floor plans that make the most of nature, and propose a comfortable blend of architecture and nature.

  • 3. Conductor layout with living in mind

    【FUDO建築設計の特徴】3.暮らすことを考えた導線配置 | 神奈川県鎌倉市の建築設計事務所FUDO | Photo by 笹の倉舎

    While aesthetic beauty is important, we also pursue functional beauty with a wiring plan that takes lifestyle into consideration, and propose comfortable homes.

  • 4. Comfortable interior that calms your mind

    【FUDO建築設計の特徴】4.心がほっと落ち着く心地よいインテリア | 神奈川県鎌倉市の建築設計事務所FUDO | Photo by 笹の倉舎

    Home is the place where you spend your daily life. We propose comfortable interiors with colors and materials that harmonize with nature so that you can spend a relaxing time.

  • 5. Comfortable environment

    【FUDO建築設計の特徴】5.快適な環境 | 神奈川県鎌倉市の建築設計事務所FUDO | Photo by 笹の倉舎

    The indoor environment is important for a comfortable home. You can live comfortably by improving insulation and airtightness. We propose an indoor environment tailored to the region.

  • 6. Peace of mind

    【FUDO建築設計の特徴】6.安心な暮らし | 神奈川県鎌倉市の建築設計事務所FUDO | Photo by 笹の倉舎

    Japan is a country prone to earthquakes. However, the seismic performance specified by law is the minimum standard. With high earthquake resistance, you can live with peace of mind. We design buildings that integrate design while improving seismic performance.


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